Monday, September 20, 2010


我是华人 ,我要用华语来写这篇文章 ! 我要大声呼喊
亲爱的 !! 我累了 ;'( 这个很不充实的假期 , 我都把我的时间花在夜店里
肚子里装满满的都是酒 , 的确我真的很不开心 :( 唔...可是我又很舍不得这个假期呢,矛盾

静静地静静地 ... 甚至静静地哭泣,离谱是眼泪竟是为寂寞而流
以前,就是以前...........现在就是现在 ....... 我的生活真的越来越离谱,日夜颠倒我到底想怎样?

外面的世界真大 ..
没有意思的文章 . 情绪化在恶搞..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Party night , part Ⅰ

02th september 2010 , went SungeiWang in the afternoon
night @Maison again, Eleen Chin's birthday !

On The Way to maison , just a simple T-shirt on that night
simple makes perfect ! hahaa

Happy Birthday baby

Merdeka ! 53

I'm kinda busy on this holiday , so now only free to update my bloggie ! Back to date of 31th August 2010. Went to Genting with my friends . So damn fun!

yiisan's leg!!

after watched fireworks , went to Safari !

rates : ★☆ 
freaking bored inside there ! Their music broadcast really sucks! However, we still enjoy! cause lots of friend rock together inside . quite fun w/them! But , absolutely no next time !
After the party night , went Mcd meet up angie lim! Me/Mico are alittle drunk , Ish . Drunk cat walk at genting LOL! We din't sleep through the night , keep lepak here lepak there w/mico , nex and oliver them :(
there are no places to accommodate us! But at last , we back to our own room and sleep until another day 3pm! 4something checked out and leave there. bye bye genting ;'(

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NightClub again

28th August 2010 ,Saturday

Have a date with mua romeo , bb mico , angie , angeline
7pm something , mua romeo have to attend her friend's party ,so she leave early .
then i continue rock with bb mico them ..
Madam Wong

Oh fuck , the real life us .

Look at her , so happy . After we finished the Ice Kacang .
we are discussing where to go in night , last unanimous decision - Maison !

So drunk ;'(

The End by lesley Juliet

Club life

27th august 2010 
I'm going to nightclubs with my friend , Right , maison night!
And Happy Birthday to Vinz ;)

♥ Envin Leong ♥

mua bb mico &  cai cai

KC loi

Eleen Chin

Happy Birthday Vinz

He is my relative , Vincent ! LOL

Tonight is a good night 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stay tuned

Drink Drank Drunk . Rocker never die .

30th - 31th . Genting&Safari , Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka ! 53
Stay Tuned 


?.August.2010 . forget the date again . I admit , recently my blog neglected .
but now , I'm back for my blog !

3 Shot with Tb jun in Red Box !


23th August 2010 *My birthday*
Night Sioji ask me out for tea , but last she gave me a suprise !

I'm 15 years old !

After that , Kilim reached . He late

On the way to Sri petaling *Second Round* tea
6 am home sweet home , Many things happen !