Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Romeo & Juliet

Who don't wan to have an unforgettable & happiness love story with their partners ? Everyone wants to , including me . However , I'm searching also can't find my love . I have trying to love someone , but really FAILED ! Is that my problem , or i will never forget him ? He him them ,  Many boys around me , but who will be mine ? Who will bring me happiness in life ? No one knows ......
Recently I met a boy , he has a sweet smile , his eyes like electric power . He was so powerful . I like the way he talk , his attitude , his everything , especially his sleeping face ! He was so cute . Unfortunately , he does not belong to me . Fate has not yet come , or we don't have fate ? The two of us is simply two people in the world , i hope he will change . I waited for him to enter my world . never give up .

BY: Lesley King

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Post

21th August 2010 , BBQ party

The afternoon , Angeline & puiyee wait me at Kepong @Jusco to buy barbeque grocery and marshmallow for the party

After bought everything , we rush back home for prepare and ensure that all complete .
8pm the party started 

Around 9pm , I received alot of incoming call , all are asked the same question
Is : Lesley , Where is your home ? Located ? 
I replied : You wait me at Sungai Mas ! 

I spent an hour and led them to my house *faint* and i missed many interesting things when i left ! gg . com ;(

Those *hungry ghost* they was late , the food is finished , Hahaaaaa!


Ladies !

I love you <3 Thank you very much dear

 Thanks ` yovell & rex !
and thanks everyone .
After the party , packed all the rubbish , dresswell themselves , everything settle
We went to Maison , Second round !

Happy Birthday to myself !
more picture , click my facebook album *HERE*

By ; Lesley

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Birthday Celebration

21th August 2010 

Ladies , lets rock up the party !
Maison night after my BBQ party

Stay tuned  ;) !
Finally no disappointed no sad nothing happens !
but i cried on that day !! hahaaaa!
Happy and so luen sui *In the party*
thanks my friend , thanks for attending , and sorry for not accompany some guys !
I'm kinda busy ! hahahaha ;D i love you all <3 forever and ever! dude .

The day with them

14 August 2010

Pavilion again with Angeline Yee

Next stop .

After Shisha

The End


19th August 2010 , hulu langat again with Sioji , Celine

Guys , do ya know why i tie up my hair and put a hairband ?

That's why ! i cut my fringe again !!!

我接受唔到咯 !!!

By ; Lesley King

Movie with her

Forget the date . I went to jusco movie with my her
Yiisan Leehom ! Mowmow ! ;)
we fall in love with wang lee hom .

Love In Disguise ! Niceeeeeeee AWESOME!

Enjoy the song

By ; Lesley King

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Luen Sui Pavilion

6th august 2010 , Pavilion day with Angeline Yee
After school went to sungei wang for meet this luen sui kia .
and we planning to rock pavilion on that day , we miss snowflake so muchh

Is the time to rockk babehhh , <3

After Snowflake ? end ? no ... no... no ... WONG KOK go go go

yes , we rock this pairs of chicken wings !

Wong kok after ? Toilet lo ........

Finished luen sui Pavilion , End ?
No , not yet ! Second round in night . My friend come Bukit Bintang fetch us to Menjalara for supper !
De Pastry Chef

The sour honey lemon , oh my gosh !

This gesture is going to tell you guys , The End ,
Byeeeeee <3