Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chatbox Created

Be Peace no war ya !!
I love you all , Leave down your link
I'll read your bloggie .

Random post ♥

Woii . I've wasted 1hours to done my poor little bloggie , It's nice now! Zomg i like it ♥ Mickey

I LOVE YOU , To My only : Eh,you're so special my Mr.Special .
Thanks God,i know you . Thank you for accompany me when i'm stress ! I love you .
Btw,you don't know that ily , haha whatever !

Ermmmmm , Friends around me are so in love . Looking at those couple, make me sooo envy!
Wtf i'm still single ? Ushh . The lonely me,Hope one day he will belong with me! Shy

Today was 30th , Is time to say byebye 2010 and welcome 2011
hope 2011 will be a great year cause i've a sucks 2010 . Sigh !!!!!!!!!
31th , will be the last day i work at harajuku station, Bye bye my lovely colleagues ! I will miss you all

To my readers : Should i put a cbox at my bloggie ? If agree please click the (supp0rt) under my post
But , must be peace no war ya! ♥ Lovesss

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas & Random

Back to my christmas eve , I went genting highland w/colleagues ! Have some fun up there .
Morning,as usual back to office WORK ! Around 9pm start on our journey yeah..
Our colleagues drive as fast as aeroplane Lol , Only took 30/40minutes to reach there .
After we check in and settle up our luggage, we went first world walk walk play play.Some pic here to share with you

3am Back to hotel,Alcohol time

Pass my christmas eve with these , Another morning, check out , WORK -.-
That's all . Byebyee , Random post ? Stay tuned..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alviss Rest In peace

心想:你为什么那么傻,虽然我和你并不是很熟,但是平时在Maison 看到你,你都是粘着胶布的,现在大家都叫你 " Plaster guy " , 这是你的特色。之后我们都有聊一两句,没想到你竟然会想不开,你离开了她,让她一个人独自面对这些问题。你离开了大家,让我们为你哭泣为你伤心为你掉泪。
看着你写的(Last post)我自己也哭



安息吧,你的兄弟们会帮你照顾你最爱的她的 . Rest In Peace Dude
你永远都活在我们的心中!Binlui 加油

For others , Please appreciate your life
don't try to suicide or give up your life , don't forget your parents and your beloved .
Stay strong, nothing is impossible  ! Cheer !