Saturday, October 30, 2010


 What should i wear on tomorrow ? Mico's be birthday party & Halloween fiesta-costume player

A . Powerpuff girls
 A1. Buttercup

 A2. Bubbles

 A3. Blossom
To mico : Or you wan i wear powerpuff's enemies costume ?
; Mojo Jojo, Him, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess Morebucks, The Amoeba Boys, The Gang Green Gang, Sedusa, The Rowdyruff Boys ?

B. The sexy bikini

 C. Banana in pyjamas , B1&B2

D. BadGirl bad man's wife

E . Aladin 

 F . Couple costume * Key & lock 
But i have no couple wear with me eh !!

G . Ice-Cream bitch 
Is to sexy for me

H . Power Rangers Pink

I . Domo 

J . Hello Kitty 
Do you like it ?

 K . Angel

 L . Witch

M . Mermaid
But how i walk ... ?

N . Minnie Mouse Costume
I most like this ...

O . Devil 
Maybe i will wear this ..

P . Jail

Q . Spongebob Squarepants costume

R . Superwomen

etc ...
So confused , What should i wear ?? and where can buy these all costume ?

 Comment please

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm not a good friend !

Yes, I am not a good friend ... I'm an emotional person, is a very serious emotional ! I can suddenly laugh , suddenly emo , suddenly cry for nothing .
Recently ...
Many things happen on me, that's good .
It let me know how important is my home & family .
Others are just sucks , ' cakap pandai saja '
This post is full of resentment , Yes ! I'm very dissatisfied with many things , Social , Friends , Relation blabla la ..

Life is not fair,get used to it ..
how to used to it ? I feel that this world is really unfair !
Make me emo everyday ..

What can I do ? I please you all ..
You can do anything on me, but please don't lie me
I hate to get lie ! Please don't gave me hope after make me despair .. You can't do , don't promise me or swear what what what ...
In the end you can't do it, will makes me very desperate
even i will cry ........

This is all i wan to say ... I'm not a good friend
I don't know how to care a friend , cause i'm just like a child
i need someone cares and loves .. Just treat me as a child ..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sioji's birthday celebration ♥ Neway

Its sioji's birthday  ♥ Belated 
Before the saturday,I have discussed w/beiky for the birthday suprise .
We spent a lot of sincerity , love , thought and money on it 
Hope she will like it

The ugly shit cake for Sioji !  ♥

See a sweet smile on her face right ? But when she saw this cake she said :
Oi , Why the cake so ugly !!! ( Hurt
However , She is very happy!


I love my sexy sioji  ♥ hearts 

Roll down for more pics , One gang . how luen sui are we ? 

Puiyee : Stop make me laugh please, ahahahaha! Laugh out loud

Sioji : Don't force me to eat this cake , hmmp :X yucks

The screen has been covered by sohai jun ! anson pissed off liaw ! :@

Oh meh lan oh ?

Oktoberfest ♥ The way we drunk
This big big big jug of carlsberg was so cheap ! It make we all drunk like a cat :P 
Ah jun now is the new generation drunker, so easy fall down ! One words ' Zha '

There are many ugly pictures here , but i choose to keep . Because that's her privacy !
Hahahah ! 12am , End the sing k session . Is time to @Maison :P
no pictures THE END
A nice day

The child's eye

I have watched this ! The child's eye in 3D version !
Vote : ★
Not bad,this movie run 1hours 40 minutes,i cover my eyes 1hours! Omg...


Friday, October 15, 2010

Hotel room partay

I have no time to update some post , but you guys can follow my facebook
All picture over there . Now i'm going to share bout my hotel party . Is quite fun with all
here some picture

My dear nikki wong's 17th birthday celebration a/Time Square Hotel

Ladies and gentlement , is time to drunk in the hotel room tonight !
Finally ,  I'm also drunk !

I hate myself in this picture , look so man ! The fault of the hair, *regret*ing*

Ladies and gent !
Happpy Birthday my darl !


Hotel Party 2 ! Happy Birthday to Tim Tim shinoda :P

all the best / birthday wishes for you tim

ohhh yeah !

before 12am,Still quiet yet , but after 12am...

Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you ..
happy birthday to tim tim , happy birthday to you ...



































I am Lesley Juliet 



























 Baby envin