Sunday, January 30, 2011

Genting Highlandsss

Finally i can use my lappie to update now, the line is sucks . Sorry for late . 
Im a pitiful creature, kena buang by school . Im like a rubbish . Wake Eat Sleep and hanging out with friends.what a boring life . But after CNY i will apply for school or maybe tuition. Fml .

So this month was a ...
'Genting month ' Why say so? Because I went there three times within a months.
There's so cold . Zzz I like the weather up there .
Hello,Christmas is over . Hohoho .
Second time with angeline & ah you them. But i didn't camwhore on that day . so skip to third time
w/ The Horny Familyy.
 w/ my beloved wify JunJun . I love her much and much . <3

She's my horny ah sou . She is soooooo (HORNY) Muahaha.

Here we are . Next post will be update soon .
Stay tuned * Gathering with loves *

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011

Nothing special on my new year eve , After i get my salary
I did the pedicure,Actually i want manicure,but School reopen soon ,so I can't do it :( Sighhhhh .
Here my toes ..
How was it ? Actually I don't really like it .. Zebra >< 
. After pedicure,My bro came to Brem mall fetch me to klang,for barbeque with my horny family..
After Bbq,we went genting..There's so cold . I'm freezing up there
I'm with short pant,T-shirt and a pair of sandals..
Here some pics...

I won't forgot this place,Is at first world
Me&Elicia was playing the ipad*TapTap*game
And we are keep laughing right there,suddenly a guy climb up and said
“可以安静一点没有”in Cantonese .Wtf? Are you sleeping under the counter?
Lol! What a joke,I think that's elianto counter la . Haha
Morning , Is time to leave there,?Bye bye genting&Bye bye 2010!
 My horny family,start from left,Yuwiko ah sou,Anson Bro,Jun laopo & ???
Hahahaha they're so horny ><

First day in 2011 , night !

Went 1U for movie with horny family.. *Thai's horror movie*
My ex haunted lover
What an awesome horror movie!I give 5 stars!

Don't miss it !!
That's all ,Stay tuned for my next post.