Monday, May 16, 2011

All in one

Dear readers , this is a delayed post again . I'm here to apologize, Sorry for late updated ,forgive me :-P
Let's back to 300411 , Had a simple outing with Loves ,here's some pics.

Just took few pictures . Opssss 

Labour day! 010511 ,Day out with Sioji,Puiyee,SanSan
Actually we planned to hang out for long time ago. In order to discuss about beibei's wedding dinner and her actual day . So we chose to go out on Sunday That's 0105. Afternoon around 2pm , sioji came to my house and picked me up and off we go PAVILION

Dinner at Dragon-i

After dinner we met up SanSan and Puiyee at TimeSquare and had an awesome tea time @Gasoline
Night around 8-9pm , Planned to go Singk with sioji,So we went Bremmall,JustK , Unfortunately there's no more room for us . Therefore we went Kepong Heaven Eternity cafe for supper and tea 
' The following picture is to tell you , how 'Good' is sioji's parking skill . LOL '


040511 Mcdonald's night @Kuchai lama with Angeline and friends

Imba people ! Lol 

The End :-D

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